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Lexis Nexis Consumer Disclosure Center is a website where you can request for a free copy of your consumer report. When a insurance company denied you insurance, increased your rates, limit your coverage or even cancel your policy, you are entitled to a free report. In order to give consumer a fair chance, you can challenge accuracy of any specific information provided by an insurance company. Consumer Disclosure used to be a ChoicePoint product and is now part of LexisNexis consumer disclosure.

To obtain your request report, you need to agree to the terms and condition. You will need to provide your insurance company information, social securty number and drivers license information at 

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i would like a report of my credit that u gave to insurance company.... - Mary Jenkins

Please send copy of my credit report you gave my insurance company - L K Shields

I wouldlike copy of the credit report you sent my insurance co. - Nolan J Peters

A claim entered on my insurance policy (homeowners)that was made by Travelers Ins.Co. on March 31st stating I reported water in my basement. I did not make this claim as I know water in basement is not covered by insurances. I would like this claim removed from my records as this raises my deductiable amount.
James G. Kelly

- James G. Kelly

Cabrillo Coastal INSURANCE OF Gainsville FL has notified me of a change in rates but has not identified that change due to reference #10658181410937 dtd 10/25/10.
would like a copy of that report. My SS is 010-22-2482. - john o'grady

You reported to my Insurance Co. (State Farm) that I was deceased. How do I go about correcting that mistake? Vender ref. #0V000013W9Q0 - Sue W. Echols

I would like the credit report given to my insurance.
Credit Reference Number:81003099003882 - DORALYN PEDERSEN

I would like a copy of my driving record. Ref. Number clue 10727170804706. - Pat A Heschke

I would like a copy of my driving record provided to Country Financial. My insurance company. - Zachary Shane Walker

I would like the credit report given to my insurance - Gregory J Young

I Would like a copy of my driving record.Ref. Number clue 10587101408437.-Ming Wong - ming wong

i would a copy of the report issued to the geico auto insurance co. of my driving record /or claims for insurance rating . John R. De Stefano

- john r. de stefano

I would like a record of my driving record, # clue4830-9019-03-FPPA-WI - Carol Natvig

Please send to me a copy of the credit report you gave to Geico Auto Insurance Company regarding my driving record.
Richard Jost - Richard H. Jost

I would like to have a copy of my credit report you submitted to Safeco. Ref# 10762131615112. E-mail it or send residence. - gary r. gablehouse

I would like a copy of the report you gave to USAA,for a quote on our home and auto insurnce.
USAA # 027767660 - David Campbell

i would like of this report - vernon pope

I would like a copy of previous Ins. info. in Reference
#11427140340707 - Robert Gaubatz

I was told some time ago my report was mailed. I was given a tracking number but found out the tracking number doesn't exist. I was told negative information was given but cannot find out what. I went ahead and filed for another credit report of my own and was given an excellent rating, no problems. How do I get ahold of these people at LexsuNexus? - Johnjoseph Pajor

I would like copy of the credit report you sent my insurance co.
Tieng ngoc Ho - Tieng Ngoc Ho

I would like a copy of the credit report sent to My Insurance Company Referrence 81026237005358. Thank You
Eric L. Pankey - Eric Pankey

I would like a copy you send to american family ins.(car) I submitted a form on 4-8-11 My tracking number is cd0001012666 .Barry Wilson - barry wilson

I would like a copy of the report you sent to my insurance company. Reference No. 000-107-341-537-41252 - Del W. Wilber

My insurance policy is due in a few days and my premium has really gone up. I need this report to see what is going on.
Please send it as soon as possible. I tried calling the
company but couldn't get it finished, so decided to e-mail.
Thanks. D. Taylor - I would like a copy of the report you sent to my insurance company.

State Farm called and said that LexisNexis had reported that my mom is no longer living. She is very much alive. How is this misinformation corrected? - Lisa Thornton

Are you sure the imformation is correct, My driving record is clean according to the Department Of Transportation. I personnally think you are supplying false information. - Robert Penman

Where do I get into the site that will let me request my credit report? - Barb Pinney

I would like a copy of the clue report that shows a claim that is not mine but is on the report. The company that is shown on the clue report is GUIC Insurance, Ref # 11602131641775. No one seems to know who this is or what the claim is about. I have no ideal who this company is. I believe it was done by accident. Thank you, Mr. RMiller - Robert G. Miller

i would like a copy of my driving record my insurance is sky hight and i dont no the reason please help i have to renew in a few days. - marcia reader daniels

I need to speak to someone about the recent report you sent me. I need more information on tsome of the items on it. - Barbra L. Miller

Is this company even real? LexisNexis? Really?? Is this a "front company" that exists to allow in surance companies to raise your rates based on a "insurance credit score" that is a fairy tail? I have good credit...Pay my bills ON TIME and now I am a risk for automobile insurance because of some company called lexisnexis? Really?? Sounds like time to contact the insurance comissioner for the State of Florida. - Joe Riley

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