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Southern California Edison is the website for SCE- Southern California Edison which  is an Edison International Company having been in the business for over hundred years. SCE is a reputed and one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S. Through their innovation and quality services, Edison has been a pioneer in energy efficiency programs and in providing reliable electric service to central, coastal and southern California.

Southern California Edison has also been active in participating in charities and involving itself in community service. They have also various programs where in customers can receive incentives for helping to control power demand through "demand-response" programs, which help to keep wholesale supplies and prices under control such as their summer savings program at

Now you can enjoy their online account service as well which is provided free of cost.Visit their website at if you are not registered yet, do so by clicking in the "register" link and sign up to use exciting features which will make your life easier. Once you have log in you can view up to 36 months of your billing, payment, usage history and much more when you enroll in My Account Access.You also will have the benefit of paperless Online Billing, which SCE will send you an e-mail notification each month to advise you when your bill is ready for viewing online. You will no longer need to receive paper bills in the mail.

This is optional and will be carried only if you enroll yourself for ebill.You can pay your bills online anytime anywhere. Some of the other facilities includes Rotating Outage Contact Update,Mobile Home Park Billing and SCE EnergyManager®. You can visit the rebates and savings by following the link, which is quite useful and provides lots of information on how you can save money on your energy bills and how to conserve electricity. You may also qualify for the emergency funds if your family's electric bill is overdue. Visit

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