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A discussion about ad agency workspaces

In most of the photos I have seen of ad agency offices, there is usually colorful paintings on the wall and a lot of visual objects. I have been told that a lot of visual objects and bright colors helps to promote team interaction and encourage creativity.

I have personally visited several ad agency offices and I have to say that many had some very colorful and unusual office designs.

One of the first ad agency offices I ever visited was in Dallas, Texas. This was an agency that specialized in advertising concepts for beverage companies. In the lobby was a huge ten foot tall plastic soda bottle, and also two antique soda machines. The walls of the lobby were painted bright red with small streaks of green and blue. The windows were green and red, and the wall scones were black. This was not only one of the most colorful offices I had ever seen, but it was also one of the few that made a little dizzy.

Down the hall that led to the executive offices were small glass statues of animals. As I walked down the hall I passed a glass statue of a monkey, dog, cat, lion, tiger and camel. Seeing all these animals made wonder if the Discovery Channel or Wild Kingdom was one of the agency's clients. I peeked briefly inside some of the executives offices, and was surprised to see that each office only had one wall and it was painted a very, very bright blue. I couldn't figure out if this was a new type of “open concept”, or if the builder had run out of materials.

At another agency I visited in Los Angeles, the entire lobby area was painted hot pink. I remember wondering as I walked in if a cotton candy machine had exploded. I mean everywhere you looked there was nothing but bright pink.

The reception desk was even pink, and so were all the lobby chairs. Once my eyes adjusted to all the pinkness, I started noticing that there were large plastic numbers standing in each corner. I couldn't even imagine what that was all about. All the meeting rooms were painted in a black and white checkered pattern. I don't know how any one could have a meeting in a room like this, because looking at those patterns for too long would make me go blind or crazy.

Before I went into the work area I took a deep breath and mentally tried to prepare my eyes. The entire work area was designed in cherry wood floors, bright pink bookcases, and pink and black workstations. Over to the right there was also several pink bean bags, three pink recliners and a very large pool table.

I thanked the office manager for the tour and got on the elevator, and later realized that I forgot to ask if Mary Kay was one of their clients.

I am not sure if all these these crazy designs and colors spark team work and creativity, but I am sure that they help prevent employees from becoming bored. 

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