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Email Marketing During Holiday Season

The holiday season is generally the time when a large number of email marketing campaigns are launched. It is something about that time of the year that makes some businesses go “email crazy”.

Actually, many businesses start launching email marketing campaigns during this time because they are trying to generate as much revenue as they can during the holiday season. This is why most of our email inboxes start getting flooded with weekly emails starting in October or November.

As a way of getting consumers into the holiday shopping season, retail companies like Target and Macy's start sending out weekly email blasts to millions of current and prospective customers. Many of these blasts contain offers for discounted products and free shipping. Although most people know that the shipping cost has been rolled into the product's retail price, just seeing the word “free” always seems to generate a lot of attention.

Target likes to send out marketing emails that contain catchy sales titles in the subject line. This is their way of trying to get recipients to open the email. Most are probably saying “don't all retailers do this?”, unfortunately no. This is one of the reasons why Target's email marketing campaigns are so effective, and why they keep seeing sales increases each year.

Every time the month of October rolls around, Macy's starts launching its official holiday email campaign. Over the past few years the retail chain has been using celebrity name brands in their headlines to attract reader interest. They are banking on these well known brand names to prompt consumers to open their emails. Some of the celebrities who have products sold in Macy's stores include Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Usher and Sean Combs.

Macy's is one of the retail stores that launches “targeted” email campaigns based on consumer buying history and preferences. Paying special attention to consumer preferences and buying history has helped the company generate a high level of success with their email marketing campaigns.

Wal-Mart and J. C. Penney also typically launch numerous email campaigns during the holiday season.

J. C. Penney is hoping that their 2013 holiday email campaign will help to restore consumer confidence and also make customers forget about the mistakes the retail chain has made over the past two years. Most industry analysts think that their special holiday campaign will work well, because despite all the mistakes, J. C. Penney is still a solid retail brand.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart is hoping that their special holiday email campaign will encourage customers to forgive them for having empty shelves and half stocked stores. Nothing turns a customer off more than coming into a store and seeing empty shelves. Hopefully these campaigns will help to repair their image. 

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