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Signature Dress Style of PR Professionals

One of the most noticeable things about a PR professional is the way they dress. Because they work in a very demanding and creative field, many like to wear relaxing clothing accessorized with fashionable jewelry and bold colors. This fashion style is especially popular with PR pros that work in the fashion and entertainment fields.

On any given day a fashion publicist may have to attend several “walk throughs” and multiple fashion show rehearsals. They usually have very hectic days like these whenever their client is preparing to launch a fashion show.

Because covering these events can involve a lot of standing and long hours, most publicists prefer to wear something that they can easily move around in. They also usually like to wear pieces that don't wrinkle. This allows them to be comfortable and also look cool and put together during a meeting. Some of the pieces and accessories many fashion publicists like to wear are free flowing long white shirts, a black watch, small diamond or white pearl earrings and a dark colored skirt or pants.

Although publicists that work in the entertainment industry are expected to dress a little more upscale, most still like to wear comfortable clothing.

Just like a fashion publicist, most entertainment publicists also usually cover several events in one day. This can range from the launch party of a new artist and to an after party for a movie premiere. Many also like to wear outfits that can easily transform from day into evening. This might include wearing a white sun dress and casual sandals during the day, and replacing the sandals with some pumps and adding a colorful jacket, necklace and earrings for an evening event. A white is dress is something commonly worn (especially during the summer), because it will go with just about anything.

For PR professionals that work in the corporate sector, daily apparel usually has to be a little more neutral and professional. This means that the fashion styles worn by entertainment and fashion publicists probably would not work well in a formal corporate environment.

If the client they are representing is in the corporate advertising or marketing industry, then they may be able to get away with wearing casual dark pants, diamond studs, low heeled casual shoes and a simple light colored shirt.

However, if the client they are representing is a large well known business organization, then it would probably be best to wear a formal tailored suit or dress and a pair of high quality black or brown shoes. The hair should also be worn in a conservative style. This might sound boring, however it is important to remember that many PR professionals are often required to represent their clients in the media. If for example they are representing a company like HP or IBM, they would wear a conservative hairstyle and clothing because they want to be taken seriously.

As you can see, the dress style for PR professionals can range from formal and stylish to cool and comfortable. 

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