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Email Marketing Review

Over the years I have seen a lot of well executed email marketing campaigns, and I have also seen some very bad ones.

I think it is safe to say that we have all have been recipients of an email campaign at least once or twice in our lives. This especially includes email campaigns from credit card companies. During the past two months, several friends of mine and myself were receiving credit card marketing emails twice a day. Some found the subject headline interesting enough to read the email message, while others found them just plain annoying. I would say I was somewhere in the middle. The emails did initially attract my attention, but in the end the offers were not strong enough to make me respond. For one thing, the interest rate was not very competitive and the annual fees were much too high. Now when I see an email from this credit card company I automatically delete it.

The main problem with this campaign is that the credit card company did not do a good job of targeting their audience. If they did, they would have known that someone with a good income and credit history like me would not be interested in a high interest rate credit card. These type of cards would probably appeal to people who would be willing to pay the high interest rate because they have bad credit. Because they don't have a good credit history, they realize that paying a high interest rate is the only way they will be able to get a credit card.

Even if this credit card company has other services that I might be able to use, I don't think I would be interested in doing business with them. As a hard working consumer, I try to only purchase products from companies that are willing to work hard to earn my business. This company didn't even bother executing an email campaign that targeted my specific needs.

This type of scenario is unfortunately the main reason why so many email marketing campaigns do not generate maximum results. First they don't use a comprehensive email address list, and next they don't bother taking the time to some research to determine “who” their target audience is. When this happens, most recipients will delete the email or forwarded it to their spam file.

Other types of businesses that are guilty of launching badly designed email marketing campaigns are banks, insurance firms, and mortgage companies. All have been guilty of sending emails to individuals or businesses that do not fit the right audience or demographic.

My advice when it comes to launching an email campaign, is to do the necessary research needed because it can make the difference between a campaign succeeding or failing. 

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