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NetGear Router Setup Login is the website for NetGear router login. If you are trying to login to configure your router and it is not setup correctly, going to will only redirect you to NetGear url where it provides support on installation. If this is what you want, then you can access the NetGear knowledge base and support.

However, if you want to login to your router to configure the setting, first try or on your browser to see if you can connect to the router. If you want to have the shortcut as ip address are hard to remember, then configure your Windows host file to add to the list with the ip address mentioned above. To visit NetGear support page, visit

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use name and passwor - ralph

it is very go

hay i had this Router for a while, what does do. and how can it help my comper. - mr.c,c

router are a good fix for comper help me here . - mr.c,c

are router good thing? - mr.c,c

the divice that i had set up my router set up has been damage. i want to re install and set up new network sharing through other divice - DHANA KOIRALA

how do i secure the NETGEAR_GUEST1 WIFI? - jorge ossorio

my verizon was down for a while ,now i cant get my netgear back working rith with netflix. they disconnect it now its not working how do i hook back up - mattie martin-adams


Why is it so difficult to access this website so that I can set up my new equipment--still trying after an hour!
- Wayne Colebatch

I cannot get my wifi to work on my kindle. It was set up 2 years ago and now has thrown me off.. - donna

what the differents between netgear 16 an n300 wireless router


I cannot get my kindle to work with my wifi. It won't take my password.
- charlotte

We have two NETGEAR G54 WIRELESS ROUTERS WGR614v10 1. b.SECURITY PIN-59103110, b.SERIAL NUMBER - 28T3127Y01EE6 and c.MAC - C43DC756BCFA 2.a.SECURITY PIN - 53369034 or(1) b.SERIAL NUMBER - 28S1037VO326C, c.MAC - CO3FOEA61D68 which we have been using for years now but when connected to net the password is 11m@i1986 but this has been conpromise so alot of people huk up the internet via our routers using the mentioned password therefore we want you to assist us change the password.Thanks counting on your cooperation - Wisdom Agbalekpor

I cant get on routerlogin website help me with this. - Amanda James

I cannot get on the internet. I am successfully connectted to my other computers. for some reason it keeps asking for
a product key. Ive hhad this for several years now. Plz help - vivian appling

I been having problems with my wifi. I lost connection to the internet for a half a day on Saturday Nov.03,12. I spoke with 3 technician on that day. The first tech tried several procedure which result in total lost to the internet. The second tech which was from netgear didn't try to perform any assistance by phone but said he will shedule for a tech to come out on Sunday the 4 of Nov.. The last tech was able to get my internet working again by plug into the modem. Now I have to stay plug in to surf the internet. By the way the tech never showed up on Sunday . So can you please have a tech to come out to fix the problem. Give me a call on Thursday. My phone number is on record. Thank You Beverly Jones - Beverly Jones

I have an ipad2 and was trying to log in with netgear. It ask for my password which I put in(my phone number) but it said wrong password. - Paul Skinner

I have at&t internet service and i can not get wireless setup when i hook the cables up it says no connection untill i hook cable straight into computer help please - Samantha

this is a good router
i am an idiot! - butt

i am bas *** so dont love me - butt

To let you all know that i love my router it is yummy and
fun to talk to and it is a BAD *** TO LET YOU KNOW!
I love to **** up some **** on a friday morning.
bad bich is out! - My name is for me and my ****!

Hay Paul Skinner,
when it wanted your password it wants the password (Security key) that came with you router.
The security key is on the card that came with the router.
If you changed the security key (password) then you put in that.
You say that you put in your phone number. If you changed the password to be your phone# than that is the correct password. - John

do you have a desk top (computer on desk)
or a lap top?
i can help if i know that - The helper

netgear wnr4500 need set up using friends kindle fire - robert m

my daughter got a new computar but i need the password for the router -

my daughter got a new computar but i need the pass code for my router - mark matthews

123456789samantha - samantha

I just bought this router from Walmat. How do I connect it to get internet? I need internet badly - Koranteng

Cant remember the pass code f my router...HELP!!!!! - John

how to reset my netgear WNR1000 v3 - sara

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