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Cities that offer good advertising career opportunities

Each year thousands of college students majoring in advertising try to determine which city would be the best place to start their career.

For many, the number one city for launching an advertising career is New York. This is because a section in the city is called “Madison Avenue”, which has been home to some of the most well known and established firms in the advertising industry. This has included well known agencies like J. Walter Thompson, which was launched in New York in 1877.

Over the years as the agency grew, it began generating business from major companies in the automotive industry. One of the major automotive companies the agency has had a longstanding relationship with is the Ford Motor Company. As a result of this growing business, the agency eventually opened an office in Detroit. This helped to make the city a popular place for advertising professionals and recent college graduates looking for new challenges or beginning new careers.

In addition to Detroit, the city of Austin, Texas has also attracted quite a large number of advertising firms. Many of these firms are small independent agencies and branch offices of larger ad companies. They include Sanders-Wingo Jones Advertising, GSD&M, T3 and Springbox Limited. Because of this continued growth in advertising agencies, many recent college students are planning to relocate to Austin after they graduate.

Although the city of Chicago does not have as many ad agencies as it used too, it still remains a good place to begin or re-launch an advertising career. This city also has a long history of being home to some of the largest minority owned agencies in the country. This has included Burrell Advertising, which was launched by Thomas Burrell, an African-American ad agency professional, in 1971. He started the agency because he believed that main stream ad agencies were not creating effective advertising campaigns for the African-American community. Over the years the firm has created campaigns for companies such as Coca Cola, Kraft Foods, Sears and McDonald's. As a result, the firm has provided a large number advertising job opportunities – particularly for minority college graduates.

When thinking about potential cities that are good places to begin an advertising career, you can't forget about Atlanta, Georgia. Due to the business growth the city has experienced over the past twenty years, many ad agencies have set up shop there. Many of these agencies can be found in the midtown community and Buckhead area. Many firms select these two areas in particularly, because they are in close proximity to some of their major clients. This makes it especially convenient for client meetings.

Being located in these two areas is also very convenient for ad agency employees. Both midtown and Buckhead are located near major freeways and train stations. This gives employees the option of driving to work or taking public transportation.

So to all those currently looking for jobs in the advertising industry, along with the agencies in New York you might also want to checkout agencies in Detroit, Chicago, Austin and Atlanta.

A discussion about ad agency workspaces

In most of the photos I have seen of ad agency offices, there is usually colorful paintings on the wall and a lot of visual objects. I have been told that a lot of visual objects and bright colors helps to promote team interaction and encourage creativity.

I have personally visited several ad agency offices and I have to say that many had some very colorful and unusual office designs.

One of the first ad agency offices I ever visited was in Dallas, Texas. This was an agency that specialized in advertising concepts for beverage companies. In the lobby was a huge ten foot tall plastic soda bottle, and also two antique soda machines. The walls of the lobby were painted bright red with small streaks of green and blue. The windows were green and red, and the wall scones were black. This was not only one of the most colorful offices I had ever seen, but it was also one of the few that made a little dizzy.

Down the hall that led to the executive offices were small glass statues of animals. As I walked down the hall I passed a glass statue of a monkey, dog, cat, lion, tiger and camel. Seeing all these animals made wonder if the Discovery Channel or Wild Kingdom was one of the agency's clients. I peeked briefly inside some of the executives offices, and was surprised to see that each office only had one wall and it was painted a very, very bright blue. I couldn't figure out if this was a new type of “open concept”, or if the builder had run out of materials.

At another agency I visited in Los Angeles, the entire lobby area was painted hot pink. I remember wondering as I walked in if a cotton candy machine had exploded. I mean everywhere you looked there was nothing but bright pink.

The reception desk was even pink, and so were all the lobby chairs. Once my eyes adjusted to all the pinkness, I started noticing that there were large plastic numbers standing in each corner. I couldn't even imagine what that was all about. All the meeting rooms were painted in a black and white checkered pattern. I don't know how any one could have a meeting in a room like this, because looking at those patterns for too long would make me go blind or crazy.

Before I went into the work area I took a deep breath and mentally tried to prepare my eyes. The entire work area was designed in cherry wood floors, bright pink bookcases, and pink and black workstations. Over to the right there was also several pink bean bags, three pink recliners and a very large pool table.

I thanked the office manager for the tour and got on the elevator, and later realized that I forgot to ask if Mary Kay was one of their clients.

I am not sure if all these these crazy designs and colors spark team work and creativity, but I am sure that they help prevent employees from becoming bored.

Email Marketing During Holiday Season

The holiday season is generally the time when a large number of email marketing campaigns are launched. It is something about that time of the year that makes some businesses go “email crazy”.

Actually, many businesses start launching email marketing campaigns during this time because they are trying to generate as much revenue as they can during the holiday season. This is why most of our email inboxes start getting flooded with weekly emails starting in October or November.

As a way of getting consumers into the holiday shopping season, retail companies like Target and Macy's start sending out weekly email blasts to millions of current and prospective customers. Many of these blasts contain offers for discounted products and free shipping. Although most people know that the shipping cost has been rolled into the product's retail price, just seeing the word “free” always seems to generate a lot of attention.

Target likes to send out marketing emails that contain catchy sales titles in the subject line. This is their way of trying to get recipients to open the email. Most are probably saying “don't all retailers do this?”, unfortunately no. This is one of the reasons why Target's email marketing campaigns are so effective, and why they keep seeing sales increases each year.

Every time the month of October rolls around, Macy's starts launching its official holiday email campaign. Over the past few years the retail chain has been using celebrity name brands in their headlines to attract reader interest. They are banking on these well known brand names to prompt consumers to open their emails. Some of the celebrities who have products sold in Macy's stores include Justin Bieber, Martha Stewart, Usher and Sean Combs.

Macy's is one of the retail stores that launches “targeted” email campaigns based on consumer buying history and preferences. Paying special attention to consumer preferences and buying history has helped the company generate a high level of success with their email marketing campaigns.

Wal-Mart and J. C. Penney also typically launch numerous email campaigns during the holiday season.

J. C. Penney is hoping that their 2013 holiday email campaign will help to restore consumer confidence and also make customers forget about the mistakes the retail chain has made over the past two years. Most industry analysts think that their special holiday campaign will work well, because despite all the mistakes, J. C. Penney is still a solid retail brand.

On the other hand, Wal-Mart is hoping that their special holiday email campaign will encourage customers to forgive them for having empty shelves and half stocked stores. Nothing turns a customer off more than coming into a store and seeing empty shelves. Hopefully these campaigns will help to repair their image.

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